Coral Cut Outs.

Hello lovebugs I hope you had an oh so fabulous Friday like I did!  It was my last day of student teaching, everyone else had finals this week which I was glad I didn't have to partake in but now I'M DONE!!!! Done, done, done, summer break hello beautiful!  How I have missed your pretty face!

This outfit is so simple yet because of the detail it makes it so girly and delicate at the same time.  This is totally a no thought, I have no clothes to wear kind of outfit.  Well no thinking necessary!  I paired it with a simple beaded necklace that has all warm colors in it accentuating the coral top.

I chose a simple jean short (OMG I am disgustingly pale) although I shouldn't be allowed to show those legs ugh haha.  Jean shorts are something every woman owns and again no thinking to pair it with the top.  Jeans match everything!

P.S. so sorry for all the complaining about being pale, I am just a happier tan person, I mean who doesn't like to be tan.....don't lie.

Hair: Again so simple, I pinned back one side and tucking it up to add some volume and leaving the other side loose and relaxed.  Sometimes doing something just to one side adds a little fun and edgy-ness to a look instead of just wearing it all down.

For a shoe I chose these gold and bronze metallic sandals, which I got forevers ago.  But they are totally my favorite and add a like pizzazz to an outfit.  You will be seeing these a lot now that its warm enough for them!

Also please don't mind the toesies they are getting all fixed up tomorrow as part of my bachelorette party!  No worries I will share all the details :)

Have a blessed weekend and thanks for reading.

Attire: Top: Mod Cloth, Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch (old), Necklace: Kohls, Shoes: Saks (old)


  1. I absolutely love this outfit! (: So perfect for summer.



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