Bridal Shower Part 2.

Good Morning Ladies!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, today I have my second bridal shower which is being thrown by Austin's family.  Since they live in a different state we decided to have one near me and one near them.  With our wedding being in South Carolina, not everyone will be able to make it so this is a nice way to get together with everyone who can and cannot make it to the wedding.

I just got this free people inspired dress at my favorite store, TJ Maxx.  I am in love with that store for the sheer fact that you can find little gems like this there.  I don't care about labels or where things are from.  If I like it and the price is right, I usually buy it, no matter where it's from.

Up until now, this break has been pretty easy going, some chaos since there is still wedding stuff to be done but not bad.  Well today starts the real chaos!  I have the bridal shower, Austin has rehearsal for the wedding he's in tomorrow, tomorrow is our friends wedding, Monday we leave back for Ohio to pick up my stuff, Tuesday I have my last dress fitting, pick up our rings, find my wedding shoes (still), and Wednesday I am getting my hair done one last time till our wedding, dentist apt, and then off for good to South Carolina.  It is so unreal that we are moving, South Carolina has always been somewhere we vacationed so I am still dreaming right now.  I mean laying out at the pool, going to the beach, amazing shopping, sunshine galore, how is that real life?!  I am so spoiled right now!

Anyways I am off to the shower lovelies, so enjoy your day and always thanks for reading and supporting :)


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