A Senior's Playground: Mill Crawl.

Every year each school does a senior week and some sort of bar crawl right before graduation to congratulate the seniors on being done with school!  Well lucky us who go to school in Alliance, Ohio there is only one bar.  Not literally one, but only one that people actually go to.  So instead of having a bar crawl we do what we call Mill Crawl.  I honestly have no idea where the name comes from but who am I to judge, as long as there's people, music and beer I am good to go.

How Mill Crawl works is you pay a certain amount of money and get a shirt, food and beer.  Every house has a set time schedule and when the time is up we move onto the next house.  For instance we started at 9am (some of us sooner) at the swim house till 11am then headed to the next house.  We go according to schedule till the end of the night where we all go to the one bar to finish the night off.  This was one of the best party's I have been to in a while.  For such a small school party's use to always be so packed and annoying that I pretty much stopped going.  The only party's I would go to weren't even party's they were people hanging out at a house.  So this being our whole senior class I was kind of worried it was going to be like that, but thankfully it was outside and was amazing.  Music blaring, people everywhere, drinks for days and food that was much needed at times.  It was definitely a great way to end the year.  Here are a few snaps I took during the day :)



  1. wow Jennie you really have amazing hair:)

    x Daisy

    The Mandarine Girl

  2. You're the sweetest! Thank you :)

  3. Orange really suits you!!! :)



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