White with a Pattern.

Sorry for such a slow blogging weekend I was just so busy working and trying to make the last bit of money I can before we pay off this honeymoon.  Pinching pennys is so not fun but I know it will be worth it!

Today was the first spring-like day in the low 60's.  Of course I spent it inside at work but the rest of the week seems to be gorgeous but with rain.  Thing is I'm not even mad about the rain because the temperature is not 30 degrees!

I can't wait for the leaves to start growing back on the trees they are so sad looking haha

Funny thing....I found this sweater shoved in my mom's closet....I know where I get my love for clothes from, I bet she didn't even know she had this or at least I never see her wear it.  So I adopted it because I am in love with it's cozyness and how baggy it is!

It is so thick and bright white I just am in love!!  Because the sweater is so simple in its own fabulous way I paired it with some patterned pants.  These pants are fairly new and I love how comfortable and chic they are!  Aren't they just the coolest!  Featured in another post of mine here.

I accessorized with my favorite shoulder bag by Michael Kors.  This was from last year but really if you don't own a Michael Kors bag yet, be prepared to be obsessed once you do.  The quality is amazing and the style is just so right on every time.  I already have 3 and if I didn't get my Hermes last year I probably would have another.

Have an amazing week love bugs!