Weekend Wear.

I have so much going on in these next couple months!  Some very exciting things and luckily enough I have the day off to get a few things finished.  Before I went out of town I got my passport all done and my final dress fitting done.  I was super lucky and went in and needed no alterations, thank the Lord.  But I still have quite a few things I need to get done.  Tomorrow I am being observed and only a few more times till I am done with student teaching and onto graduation.  Within in the next couple months I have:

  • Bridal showers (Ohio and Indiana)
  • Finish student teaching
  • Graduation
  • Get a job? Hopefully....
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Friends Wedding
  • Moving to South Carolina
  • Moving into new place
  • Own Wedding
Its just so much in a few months but I am so excited about all of it!!!

This past weekend I was out of town visiting my man's family.  We had the best time, we usually do, and it was so nice to get away and relax considering it was my spring break.  We took the doggies for a walk everyday, went out to dinner a few times and started watching the series Dexter.  We both have wanted to start the season for so long but either didn't have time or were not able to.  It was on tv for free the entire week so we were able to finish season 1 and we are both addicted!  Any series you watch that you love??
Pretty little liars and Girls are over for now so I was dying to find something else to watch since I am not a huge tv person.


  1. your sunglasses are amazing!



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