Swim Season.

With the weather getting warmer everyone is trying to get in shape especially with spring break just ending for most of us it was critical crunch time.  But don't let yourself fall back into the routine of quick unhealthy snacks and tv time to reward yourself after a long day.  Keep that active lifestyle up!  Make it habit, and before you know it, it won't feel so much like your dragging yourself to workout instead you can't imagine your day without it.  

I am the worst with this kind of stuff and I will be the first to raise my hand and say "Hi my name is Jennifer and I hate working out."  Thing is most days I just don't feel like there is enough time in a day, but when I really get into working out I start feeling crappy on days that I don't.  Eating healthy is another story....but with all this being said bathing suit season has been haunting us and its only going to continue through these next few months.  Instead of dreading it, embrace it!

I found a few different suits out of the millions out there.  I am only 22 so I still go for the little, and sexy bikini's but not so skimpy that I feel naked!  Anywho everyone is different in what they feel sexy in so I tried to grab a few different pieces along with some awesome cover ups for those who are just not there yet, you still deserve to feel gorgeous even if your not showing skin.

Now I understand everyone has different preferences but I believe if your going to do a one piece  rock a sexy one piece with an open back or something with a bold color/ print.  Be daring, try something new.  Different suits flatter different body types, you just have to try different styles and see what works for you!

Suits and accessories chosen from : Anthropologie, Nasty Gal, Mikoh Swimwear, Free People and Lulus.

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