Sweater Dress with a POP of color.

I have been getting my days so messed up this week since I didn't have school Monday.  Slowly things feel like they are coming together though.  I can't wait till all I am focusing on is the wedding and moving down south :)

I am just so stinkin excited to start my life with my hunk of a man.  I have always wanted to live in South Carolina, to me it is just the most gorgeous and relaxing place.  Palm trees, sand, sun what more could you ask for!?  Plus everyone is so much nicer down south I swear.  Its probably because they don't deal with the doom and gloom months like Ohio does.  

I went super simple underneath the sweater, white top and white pants.  Then paired it with a pop of color, I think turquoise goes well with most things and really adds to a simple outfit.

These are fairly new, and I adore them.....they just look so delicate and girly.  Plus they are comfortable, not like the I need to break them in first comfortable.  I put them on and have worn them a few times, no blisters and no pain so they definitely have become one of my favorites!

Attire: Top: Gap, Sweater: Lauren Conrad, Jeans: Nordstroms, Shoes: Lauren Conrad, Necklace: Boutique in South Carolina (Don't remember the name), Belt: Michael Kors.