Shake it Baby!

With the wedding only two months away it is really crunch time for the honeymoon bod.  Being optimistic I am hoping I will get a good month of straight working out everyday before but since I don't exactly have that kind of time now it's eating healthy and trying to make a habit of it.

Don't get me wrong I love fried, greasy  salty food just like your average american but I also find myself getting terrible stomach aches a lot as well and those are not very fun.  For a while I had been wanting to start a gluten free diet or eating routine I guess you could say, to see if that triggered any change but I haven't had the time I guess you could say.  Slowly but surely I will be trying different things in my diet to see if it makes a difference.

I can't see myself ever doing an extreme diet like those people who only eat plants or vegetables, no way, I love my chips and icecream and you only live once and I am going to enjoy it.  To start I am going to make sure I eat breakfast everyday and smaller meals.  I am such a grazer, it's probably where the shocking extra weight comes from.  Anyways this was my breakfast the other day and I actually enjoyed it and it filled me up!  Simple, quick and tastes good what more could you ask for??

Is there anything you make in the mornings that doesn't taste like cardboard but is super quick and easy!?  Definitely need ideas!  


  1. Try a smoothie with frozen bananas, chocolate almond milk, chocolate protein powder, scoop of peanut butter and spinach. I'd eliminate the juice it's just full of sugar which is not good for you at all and use almond milk instead. You can add greek yogurt to keep you fuller longer and try adding a handful of spinach or a stalk of celery, added benefits with little taste. I also like making a burrito with a whole wheat tortilla spreading peanut butter drizzle of honey and a whole banana.

  2. Omg you should come cook for me! haha I definitely always need help in the eating healthy category and especially coming up with easy ways! Thanks for the tips and ideas!!! Miss you!

  3. No prob! :) I am constantly instagraming my meals if you ever need any recipes holler!

  4. Sounds good! I know they always look delicious!


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