Rock out Red.

With it being a four day week, this week is going by pretty fast.  I would say I am excited for the weekend except I am literally working all weekend, slaving my life away on a minimum wage job.  Definitely makes me appreciate the fact that I am graduating school and moving onto something that I actually enjoy and don't make all of about 7 dollars an hour after tax.  Sorry for my little pity party ha but I really do get sick of putting in 14 hour shifts and getting hardly over 100 dollars for it. Ugh.  Okay enough!  Today I decided to rock some red jeans.  These beauts are from Ann Taylor Loft.  They fit so well, I actually share them with my mom!  It is nice when you can share pieces with someone, I don't have a sister so luckily my mom and I share the same taste in a few things.  She doesn't dress young but fashionable for a 52 year old and I am proud to say that :).  

I paired these bright beauties with a very simple white tee with a thicker piece around the neck for more detail but still so simplistic which was the look I was going for.  I love when people go crazy on top and the bottoms are just the splash of color.  Not that I am not that daring or anything because trust me I would so go there but I wanted this to be an everyday, running errands, no hassel but beautiful look.  How simple and anyone with the confidence to rock color on their legs could totally manage this outfit for an everyday kind of thing.

I am not a HUGE accessory person; I love necklaces and use to love rings but it's weird ever since I got proposed my fashion rings just sit there and I hardly wear them anymore.  I think I am going to try some stacking rings out since they're so thin and delicate maybe they wont bother me as much as the chunky ones do.  I did however try hard to dress this look up a bit with some simple silver bracelets.  They are all different and from random boutique shops that I found.  I really need to accessorize more so maybe that will be a goal of mine ha when I shop I should pick out one piece to go with.