Pleased in Plaid.

Magnificent Monday right?! WRONG! The heat in the school I student teach at is broken and its about 60 degrees.  I know that doesn't seem bad....oh its terrible.  I have to make sure I double up on clothes so I don't freeze to death.  It was nicer outside temperature wise than it was in the that's saying something ha.  I really hope it gets fixed soon or the school warms up from the outside temperature rising.  

This is what I wore today and was so comfortable.  I love layering when it is cold enough to and this was the perfect combo.  I rolled the sleeves to bring the shirt into the sweater more and make it a little more preppy looking.  I paired it also with this silver bracelet and silver ball earrings.

This week I will be studying like crazy for a test I have Saturday morning so my blog will most likely be taken over by my Bella.  She is way cuter than I am and has more personality that 10 people put together.  I am talking about my dog if you don't know who Bella is.  I understand I wear clothes everyday so why not just do a post but I really need every minute I have to study.  This test is very important in order for me to get my teaching license so I hope you understand!

***Just a reminder the giveaway ends on Friday so if you haven't seen it yet scroll down to my post before this or if you haven't done the requirements you still have the rest of the week to win!!!