Ocean Blue Patterned Tee.

Okay, I have had this shirt forever and I hardly ever buy decorated tees or tees with hardly anything on them because I never get that much use out of them.  I guess I mainly just buy basics and forget about the decorative basics.  Anywho this is one of my favorites and I can't give it up.  I mean the color combo is to die for right?  If any shirt I own this always makes my eyes pop.  Plus it is super easy to take from day to night, dressy to casual.  

I was planning on showing the dressier side to this shirt but I got rained out.  The pictures that I got were decent so I'll manage.

Sorry for the millions for pictures but I couldn't choose just a few!

I paired this shirt for day time with that black jacket and some black boots.  Boots are from Forever21 and surprisingly for as cheap as the store is are so sturdy.  Those have been my go to boots for years and they are still in perfect condition, a little worn looking but I like things better that way especially boots.  The jacket is from H&M.  Just cant beat that store.  The top is from Target, oh what that store does to me.

Accessorizing with hair ties hahah I am so weird, I literally always have to have a hair tie on my wrist or I feel naked.  It is so ridiculous but anytime I forget one I end up needing one some time through out the day.

No school tomorrow and I am cheering!!! Going to see my man this weekend and get more wedding things done.....the list is never ending!


  1. Great top! I always enjoy looking at your blog on glipho. I joined through GFC too! :)

    Xo Makayla

  2. Aww thank you! I love your posts as well! I think it's funny too because we are from the same area! Small world!

    1. I just realized we're from the same area too, haha that is so funny! Very small world :)


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