My life is not like a's better!

Hello My Adorable Readers <3

 I was just marking things down in my planner and my next few weeks are about to be insane and I am so pumped!  For starters I am finally getting my hair done on Friday.  I was holding off for as long as possible and I am proud to say I waited about 8 months!  I am sure as you could see in my pictures this is a much needed pampering so I couldn't be more excited to finally get that out of the way.  With that being said, this weekend is one of my bridal showers so I will get to see all my girls, family and friends all at the same time.  Not too many times can you get all the people you love in one room.  Then Monday is my final observation for student teaching, that weekend so far I don't have anything planned so I'll probably work.  That next week is my LAST week of student teaching and I am done!  It seems so crazy that my senior year at that point will be pretty much over, no finals just graduation AHHHHH!!!  

So that same weekend I finish student teaching I am having my bachelorette party! Woo woo!!!  Then that Tuesday I have to turn in my professional portfolio so when I apply for jobs I am good to go!  A day later we have whats called Mill Crawl at my school.  Since the town my school is located in is small we only have one bar....I know your probably thinking what is there to do there?! Nothing lol.  We made do always, I can't say when I went out I never had fun.  But anyways schools usually do a bar crawl, well with our lack of bars we do people's houses instead.  So its all set up whose at from what time till what time and you pay 25 bucks to get all the food, drinks and a shirt.  It sounds super fun, only for seniors like our last hoorah kinda thing.  Then that Saturday is GRADUATION!!!!!

After graduation I have a load of other serious things going to happen like hopefully interviews, getting a job, moving down south, getting married, honeymoon, buying a house, and who knows after that!

Sorry for the agenda blabbing but I am just so excited with everything coming up and it's all happening so fast!  But I will be documenting every last bit of it so keep checking back to see the craziness!!