Lightning and Thunder.

Hi Gorg <3

Like I had mentioned the other night it was my baby brother's 16th birthday which totally a big deal so we all went out to dinner to celebrate!  This is what I wore, very casual and comfy a statement style without being over the top and in your face.  I think the combat boots are the true statement of the outfit and bring it to life. 

I was planning on writing this yesterday but we had a terrible storm and the internet was down making it pretty hard for me to post but here I am no so enjoy!

It's been so sunny the last couple days in in the high 70's...yesterday and today it is warm still but raining and gloomy so I might hold off to take an outfit post because the lighting is just so much better when it's sunny.  This weekend I am just going to give a fair warning, I probably will be slacking because I am working a basketball tournament with my hubs and brother so I will have no time and my outfit will consist of sweats and a t-shirt because I am still a normal person who will not be dressing up cutesy to take money and stamp hands.  I will be relaxing, comfortable and catching up on some Dexter :)

Have a good weekend cuties!