Grandpa Sweaters and Fedoras.

Good afternoon my dear readers.  I hope you had a good day so far, I know I did!  I was mentioning how I was being observed by my supervisor today and I have to say I was kind of nervous because I am currently teaching fractions and let me just tell you, fractions were never easy for me growing up.  However I have heard if you are not very good at something the best way is to teach it.  Anywho it went really well and I was more than pleased with how it went!

I am excited to introduce this outfit to you because it fits my life and personality perfect!  I could wear a fedora every day, I bought this forever't laugh.....Aeropostale.  I know I know its a little girl's store but it was 6 bucks and to be honest I have a small head so most hats look ridiculous on me and fall down over my face.  Fedoras were big awhile ago when I bought this but to be honest I am not over the trend at all.  I know most stores still sell them but I don't see to many people wearing them and they should they're totally cute and a definite go to on a bad hair day.

I went with a grandpa sweater which I don't have too many of and I love them.  I have been trying to buy more but I find that I am pretty picky when it comes to sweaters.  I like them almost worn feeling, super loose, and soft.  I tend to find sweaters too short, scratchy, or too new like.  I know I must sound ridiculous but with some pieces I am just more particular and I will search for it until I find it.  Are you like that with anything?

This sweater is super old, there's not even a tag on it anymore haha so I couldn't even tell you where its from :(

I paired the sweater with some Vera Wang maroon leggings.  I am totally obsessed with these because they are so dang comfortable and yet the color is fabulous and matches with almost anything.  I usually have a hard time buying pants because I am so short.  But these fit like a gem and I really hope more come out in different colors because you know I will be purchasing all of them!

I couldn't get a very good picture of my shoes, but they are some of my favorites so you will definitely be seeing more of them.  They are Lucky Brand, they don't currently have any boots in stock right now on their site but they are so gorgeous they have to bring them back next fall or some rendition.