Fedora This!

My life is about to get so crazy and I couldn't be more excited!  Read my last post to find out, I was going to combine the posts but the agenda of my life was a novel in itself so if you want to know go read, if you don't enjoy these pictures of my latest outfit :)

I almost didn't want to rock shorts because I am more pale than Casper but it was 80 degrees today! Wowza!  This is the weather I'm talkin about!  Ya no worries Ohio can always suck the good weather up with a 42 degrees on Sat.....how does weather drop 40 degrees in two days?  Ugh get me out of here!!  However for now I am enjoying it.

The stripes are actually green, kind of hard to tell in pictures, which is why I brought out these lovely heels.  I don't wear these too often because they are so dang high.  Why I thought I could rock these no problem was beyond me.  On the plus side they are actually super comfortable and I love the wooden bottoms.  Fedoras are always used on those kind of hair days.....and with the humidity it was one of those days.  My fedora is always my go to accessory for non-fabulous hair days.  I am definitely looking to buy more hats but I am so picky and my head is apparently on the small side, aka why I had to get one from Aero and not a normal big girls store ugh.

Attire: Top: TJ Maxx, Shorts: Abercrombie (old), Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Hat: Aeropostale