Cordial Coral.

Today was such a fun day at school.  The kids who were the top in their class for the mile run all ran today to see if they could get a better time.  All the kids and us teachers all went outside to cheer them on.  It was gorgeous today too so no one was too dissapointed and I got out of teaching fractions.  Fractions were fun at first, but now we are in the multiplying and dividing and there is no fun in that ha.

This skirt is one of my absolute favorites!  I love the high low skirts and this color is just to die for.  I paired it with a simple black tank and added more detail with the white leather jacket and then mixed it up with this fabulous knit infinity scarf from Urban Outfitters.  I was going to pair it with a belt but that is usually a go to accessory when it comes to skirts and I wanted to mix it up and make it more relaxed and less preppy with the belt.

I was so excited about being able to bring out this skirt.  The nicer the weather the happier I am for many reasons but personally I love my style in the summer so much more.  In the winter I always have a hard time with finding things I like that are going to keep me warm.  However in the summer, dresses, showing a little skin and enjoying the sunshine is more my style.

What are some of your favorite summery pieces that you get excited to dust off when it gets warm out??

"Momma where my sunnies at?"

This little lady just loves being outside; I absolutely can't wait to see how she is at the beach when we move. I die laughing every time I think about it, her eating sand, being scared of the waves, trying to attack the seagulls.  Oh I can't wait!!! lol

Attire: Top: Gap, Jacket: Target, Skirt: Lauren Conrad, Shoes: Steve Madden, Earrings: NY & Co., Scarf: Urban Outfitters