Busy wedding bee.

Hello loves!  Today was pretty nice out, especially after the gloomy and terribly cold weekend. Since I worked all weekend I really didn't have time to take any outfit pics, which you wouldn't have wanted anyways because I looked like a total hoodlum all weekend just trying to keep warm and taking money for the basketball tournament.  Good news is I got to watch Dexter the whole time and get paid for it.  Don't get me wrong I was working so I wasn't doing nothing but compared to my other job where I work my ass off and get paid nothing it was like a dream come true.  Plus I was able to wear comfortable clothes and not a uniform.  

So Sunday night I was exhausted from waking up early everyday and just have been so warn down, plus had my huge test on Saturday which I was majorly stressing out about for the last month but anyways my doggy decided to leave a present on the carpet and my mom was not too happy.  Now I usually never spank her because shes so little but at this point I was so aggravated and annoyed I went, cleaned it up and went to spank her and she tucked her little butt in and smash went my middle finger into the wood floor.  Literally typing that makes me sick.  The feeling, the crack sound, I immediately became light headed and thought I was either going to throw up or pass out.  Lucky to say I did neither however I did pretty much sob for the next 20 minutes.  I usually take pain pretty well but all those emotions stirring around I was bound to explode.

Today it wasn't too bad just super blue and purple and fat but I have had spring cleaning on my mind especially with my bridal shower coming up this weekend I wanted to get my stuff packed up and cleaned out.  I am the worst at getting rid of things I feel like.  What a relief it was though to just start throwing stuff away and putting clothes in a bag to give to someone who needs it more than I do.  Sorry for the novel but I was just so proud of my cleaning that I had to share.  My room still looks a mess because its cluttered with storage bins, 7 to be exact so it still looks like a disaster but I knew all the work I did so I think it looks night and day.

I totally had to giggle a little when I saw the brand name of the storage bins....

"cleaned out closet"
Might not look like much but the storage units above are filled with clothes,,,,all of them.  One with just t-shirts, I am a t-shirt addict.  I tried to keep clothes in the closet that I thought I would wear within the next month or so before we move, the shoes will be another story.