Bridal Shower.

I dedicate this entire post to my amazing mother; without her none of this would have happened.  Big shout out to many people including my bridesmaids.  Everyone was such a big help and really made this day special for me.  I couldn't believe the amount of people who showed up, there was almost no room!  The food was fantastic and the drinks were refreshing.  The day was just so perfect.  I tried to take as many pictures as I could but greeting was my main priority and had to leave the picture taking to rest.  So I will share with you some pictures.  Most of them are of me opening all the wonderful, and thoughtful gifts but I look like a total goof in majority of them.  You know laughing, mouth open, mid sentence, they definitely accentuated my best features haha.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!!

A canvas for decoration my mom had made for our first place.
Tables decorated with my favorite flowers :)

Tea lights were a present for each guest for coming with a quote :)

The beginning of what turned into a feast of food
My loving mother and I 

The most inspirational person and lady I student taught with

My bouquet for rehearsal dinner!
My lovely bridesmaids minus one
From right: Jessie (cousin), Abby, Me, Katie (maid of honor), Shelbey and Danielle
One of my dearest friends and college roommate Abby <3