Blue bows.

Today was another one of those frizzy, out of control hair days.  So up it went again, but to change it up a bit I threw a scarf in it.  I love head scarfs, they are just so fun and add femininity to any normal outfit.  It was so hot out today and I was loving it! Heck, I am outside as we speak, feet in the grass, loving the sun.  Why be inside if you don't have to be.  Anyways I chose this very casual outfit, I have had this top forever and I still find times where it calls my name so it has yet to be given away.  I swear the most simple pieces in my closet stay around forever till they're ragged and I need to replace them.

On another note this is my last week of student teaching before I graduate YAYYYY and it is going by soooo slooowwww.  The third and fourth graders have testing so this week is off and weird for me since I usually have those grades for interventions.  Hey at least the weather is amazing right!?

Some of these pictures are not the most flattering haha but I loved the color of the head scarf with the shirt I was wearing and had to show!

Close up :)

I would do a tutorial but I am pretty sure there's probably already a bunch out there already.  If not let me know to do one :)

with love

Attire: Top: Aerie, Tank: Target, Capris: American Eagle, Sandals: BCBG, Head Scarf: c/o