Black with a Bun.

Today the weather is slowly cooling down unfortunately and I can't say I am too happy.  Tomorrow seems like another cold Ohio day too :(.  I literally am so sick of having to wear fall clothes, I have all my summer clothes begging to come out and I agree I am ready to wear them.  I picked a simple black top and paired it with black wedge sneakers.  The hair had a mind of it's own today so a bun it was.  I have tried and tried to do top knots, they do not work with my hair.  This was a twist it around and throw it up.  If it stays up, which is always the challenge, then its a good bun.  I didn't pair this with any jewelry because I am running errands today trying to get last minute invitation decisions done.  For night however, I would pair this with some cute heels and a chunky necklace.  I have been thinking about doing a post with an outfit for day and then changing it into night, what do you think?

Is it just me or does my upper back look so much larger than my waist, I swear all those years of swimming, it never goes away completely.
Love the simple detail of the shirt.  Thanks Target!

Little windy :)
When I finally decide on invites I will share!