Zipper Love.

Browsing the web and I came to some of my favorite four letters.....ZARA.  Oh that store I could just order everything.  I have been so good with not purchasing anything but come on, the price for this baby was unbeatable!  $19.99 and the best part about shipping or tax, how can you beat that?!!? Well you just cant!  Anywho I feel like you can never have enough sweaters and I have so many in my closet that are strictly like grandma sweaters.  For real I hardly wear any of them because they are just so not me anymore. So an update to that section of my closet was a must.  Now is it ever truly a must to buy new clothes? um no probably not. But my heart and the price made it clear to me this time it was.

Oh how my heart gets happy when I see this brown box.

 I love the cut of it, because of the zipper in the back the bottom is kind of rounded and stops short.

 I absolutely love zippers and buttons, I think they add just enough detail without being over the top.

The bottom in the back

 Its a really pretty blueish grey color, kind of hard to tell in the pictures but I will definitely model it for you soon :)