Weekend Blues.

Just getting home from work and it's officially my spring break until April 3rd.  I thought for sure my entire break was going to consist of work, work, work but I actually completely forgot I am heading to Austin's house in Indiana for Easter.  I love going to his house, he seriously has the most amazing family.  I couldn't imagine marrying into a family that didn't seem like my own.  I truly am blessed in so many ways. 

Today I got some exciting news!!! My bridesmaids dresses are finally starting to come in, 3 out of the 6 received them today! I still have a lot of stuff to get done for the wedding but that was kind of the last big thing that I needed to be complete.  Right now on the list is:
  • Final fitting for wedding dress
  • Bridal shower preparations
  • Groom's wear
  • Shoes
  • Cake design
  • Flower choices
  • Last minute decoration ideas
  • Get passport
Then of course there is much more but just for now that's the list haha.  Not much.....ya right.
Hope you all have a nice and relaxing weekend.  I know I am already looking to my day off (Sunday) and spending it with my maid of honor aka my other better half Katie.

Attire: Top: H&M, Vest: American Eagle, Pants: Macy's, Shoes: TJ Maxx, Necklace: NY & co.