Stripes & Sequins.

Today is gloomy, windy, and cloudy....sounds like Ohio.  It is supposed to be spring now and I can't tell at all.  Today is also an errands day, I have so much stuff I need to get done it is unreal and I have been the biggest procrastinator and its not okay for these things.

I need to get my passport done, buy my mans wedding ring, go for my final fitting for my dress, get my graduation things in order, and jot down my ideas for my bouquet and cake.

With it being so ridiculously gross and cold out it screamed sweater weather.  I got this beauty not to long ago and I love the stripes in it.  They are very light but still add so much beauty to it.  And the sequins, what girl doesn't love a little sparkle and shine in their life.

I wish getting my hair done was on the list, which it totally needs to be, but I am really trying to hold off for as long as possible!

Have a nice Sunday lovelies!

Attire: Sweater: Kohls, Tank: Forever21, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Michael Kors