Pattern on Bottom.

Today I have nothing planned to do.  Oh my GOSH does it feel good!  I am going to catch up on some episodes of Girls, and Pretty Little Liars.  Maybe Ill watch a movie too who knows I could do anything today!  But my feet hurt so bad from yesterday that I am not up for anything active....I know its gorgeous out I should get my butt outside and run!  I am pretty sure if I tried to run at this point my feet would fall off....a bit dramatic but seriously they are out for the count and I am okay with that because my body wants to relax as well!  With the clocks jumping forward an hour I seriously felt like I could have slept all day.  I did however do something productive today; I took my baby Bella on a walk and I washed my car, inside and out.  It was much needed, and I was more than sick of seeing crap all over it from the salt being on the roads.  I can't wait to be down south and that is not something I will have to worry about. 

For my outfit choice it was an easy decision today.  I just got these amazing leggings. They are soooo comfortable and yet so adorable!  I have been wanting to get some fun bottoms lately but am so so picky apparently.  For instance I have wanted floral pants for about a year now, and colored pants for about two and I just got some blue pants a few months ago and these the other day.  As for floral pants I found a pair I liked....didn't have my size.  Ugh guess it wasn't meant to be, until then I will keep searching.  I love crazy bottoms because the top can be just about anything!  I definitely will be continuing to add pieces like this to my wardrobe.  

Attire:  Top: Mod Cloth, Bottoms: Vera Wang, Shoes: Steve Madden, Ring: Forever21