One of those days.

It has been so absolutely gross outside the last few days I haven't wanted to do anything!  In fact yesterday I really didn't do much of anything.  I came home from teaching at 4 and passed out till 7:30, sad thing is that at about 10:30 I was ready for bed.  I had no problem sleeping so I am starting to think my body is more tired than I expected it to be.  Teaching really wears a girl out I guess.  Most of the time I feel like I could sleep forever.  Well obviously with my a coma last night I didn't have time to do a post and when I woke up it was dark and rainy out so it definitely wasn't happening but at least I thought about it haha.  So today it was so incredibly windy and snowing I really really didn't want to go out there.  I barely stood outside ha I more so stood as close to the underneath of my deck as I could so the pictures are a bit dark and suck to be honest but I wasn't about to leave another day post-less. 

I honestly just keep thinking if I was in the south it would never EVER be this cold and I probably wouldn't complain so much about the weather!  I would also get to wear way cuter clothes because I wouldn't feel like I need a bigillion layers on to keep some what warm.  

No jacket?? Ya I froze to try and get some good pics haha love the outfit way more without the jacket.  I love layering but the jacket was literally just getting in the way to me.  Hopefully mother nature becomes aware tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of spring.....

Attire: Shirt: Target, Scarf: T.J. Maxx, Jacket: Kohls, Skirt: Banana Republic, Boots: Steve Madden