Lash Amaze!

I don't know how well you can really see my eye lashes but let me tell you, lately I feel like they have been full, long and out of this world amaze looking!  I am so happy with the results I wanted to share my little secret that everyone has the opportunity to join in on because I did nothing that any woman doesn't already do.  I went to the convenient store and needed new mascara.  Well for about the last 2 years I have been using Covergirl lash blast and have been more than happy.  Well lately I was not so thrilled with the product and felt like I wasn't seeing the same results as I had been.  So with nothing to lose I decided to switch it up, go a little crazy and buy two different mascaras to try out.  I have never been one to spend like 20 dollars on some mascara.  No thanks that's a place I could cut back on monthly costs.  

So anyways if any of you have tried it you hopefully are jumping up and down with as much excitement as I am.  Its called Scandal eyes flex with lycra.  The product is shown below and is by RIMMEL.  To my surprise I thought this mascara would be cheap and flaky, but I actually had remembered buying RIMMEL waterproof mascara along time ago and was amazed by what it did to my lashes, unfortunately I can hardly wear waterproof mascara because it irritates my eyes to the extreme for some odd reason.  So not thinking twice about the brand and at the time being fine with Covergirl I never thought about switching....until now....and I am more than happy with my decision.  I hope this product works the same for everyone like it does for me!

haha not a flattering picture but I think this picture might capture my eye lashes better.....maybe?


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