Lacey fun.

With things finally falling into place, my life is feeling a tad bit less stressful.  Yesterday I actually got to watch some television and go shopping a bit with my mom.  I will show you my new pieces soon no worries :)  The weather was gorgeous today!  Unfortunately I heard for many other places they were not so lucky like 10 inches of snow or more not so lucky.  As long as its not here though I will be happy and I guess I should enjoy the snow while I can??  Nahh 22 years of this I'm over it and ready to move onto more sunshine and sand thank you very much!  With that being said I dressed pretty light weight today.  I have never been super into tight clothing, obviously some stuff looks better tighter than not but most of the time I choose tops that are flowy, they are sometimes not the most flattering so I have to be careful because I am so short sometimes clothes can look like they're swallowing me.  This top is just the right amount of flowy but still flattering.

Trying to show these earrings I'm obsessed with!

Attire: Shirt: Lauren Conrad, Jeans: Pac Sun, Boots: Nectar Clothing, Earrings: Francesca's