House of Hunan.

Last night I had the best time; I went for my final fitting of my wedding dress and it fits like a gem!  No alterations needed thank the Lord.  It is even more gorgeous than I remembered, ah I can't wait to walk down the isle and marry the man I prayed about for years.  You really do have to go through some heart break to know what you really want, and how it feels to be treated truly like a princess.  I look back now and wonder how I even stayed with guys as long as I did.  But anyways after the dress appointment we went to Home Goods which is one of my favorite stores.  It was such a tease though it made me excited and sad at the same time.  Excited because I can't wait to have my own place with my babes and decorate the crap out of it.  I seriously can't wait to make a place our own, but sad because we don't actually have a place yet (working on it) and it's going to be down south.  Now I definitely cant complain because down south is the place for me, I have said almost my whole life that I was getting out of Ohio and no one was stopping me.  Thank God Austin feels the same way, okay downside of moving down south it's 11/12 hours away from Ohio and to buy furniture now and not have anywhere to put it or to take it down that far is kind of a pain.  

So all in all I was seeing all these amazing pieces (of course) and all I could do is stare and hope stuff like that is still around in a few months when we do have a place.

Afterwards we went to this Chinese restaurant which is the absolute best!  Honestly if you have this food all the other stuff tastes like crap. In addition to the food being amaze the place is decorated so stinkin cute I was that freak taking pictures of the place but whatever.  I can share with you now :)

Even the napkins were pretty!
Right when you walked in, a Koi pond
I just thought this was gorgeous!  And it was ginormous!

Now I am off to a much needed best friend date and to look for possibly wedding shoes and a honey moon bathing suit :)  I will give all the deets later!!