Grey Day.

Woke up Monday morning with a terrible sore throat and coughing my head off.  Too bad it was my first day at my new school so I felt that calling off probably wouldn't be the best first impression.  So I sucked it up and had just about the worst day ever.  Considering the time had changed I was totally off and could barely get myself out of bed especially with it seriously feeling like it was 3 in the am.  I no joke checked my phone like 4 times, thinking no this is a sick prank there is no way it is already 7.  Yep, it was, so I pulled my body out of bed and arrived at my new place.  Luckily enough I had a splitting migraine all day and could barely talk so I pretty much just starred and watched a lot.  I am not even going to go into the other details but the day was horrible.  Got home and slept through dinner time, then decided to make some soup only to get right back into bed.  Now you know why there was no post yesterday, I really wanted to suck it up but I couldn't apologies.  So today was a bit better but I sound like a dying cow.  I literally was hacking up lung all day and now can't speak.  Migraine is also back in full force and I have been popping advil like they tell you not to.  Most of the time I have a pretty good pain tolerance but with it being that time, and this sickness my body is literally giving me a trip from you know where.  

Lucky for you I felt SO bad that I was about to not do a post today that I managed to put on my new sweater and take a few quick pics.  This will be a preview I guess you would say.  Enjoy!

Best part is I could totally unzip the entire back and wear it open or half way open, whatever I want!  I hope you all are feeling healthy and well.  Pray for me to get better haha luckily Pretty Little Liars is on in ten minutes so gotta go!