Fading Stripes.

This week is the craziest week....I realize its only Monday but this week needs to already end.  My planner is about to explode with the things I need to get done.  Trying to schedule two bridal showers, send out invites, design my wedding invitations, pick music, make sure the outside decorations are done and complete, inside decorations done and complete, need to do my last dress fitting, sign up for my suit rentals, decide on the color for the suits, choose wedding cake design, taste flavors for cupcakes, decide on flavors and look of them......and that's not all!  How obnoxious!  Someone please be me for a week, make all these decisions and then I will be me again ha  I am majorly stressed out and that doesn't even include school stuff!  I won't even go there because I don't want to even think about school, at least wedding stuff is fun!  But to stop, relax and post my outfit of the day always makes me feel a little at ease.  Hope everyone's schedule isn't quite as busy as mine!  If it's worse you go girl!  I cannot handle stress very well.

Attire: Shirt: Michael Kors, Bottoms: Lauren Conrad, Earrings: Forever21, Scarf: Pac Sun, Boots: Gabriel Brothers