When trying to save money you always tend to find clothes you think you need.  I am really doing well saving money but I love looking at the new clothes coming out and dreaming a little dream.  Maybe one day when the clothes go on sale....but by that point I probably will forget about these clothes and move onto the next best thing.  Because by the time I will be able to shop again will be in like a year ha.  Anywho I am obsessed with the store Mango.  They have the most simplistic and chic pieces.  They don't need to go over the top like a lot of stores try to do.  They choose patterns and fabrics so precise that it makes the quality of the clothes look pristine.  I haven't been a dedicated shopper yet but I plan to and make my wardrobe as immaculate as the pieces they are showing this season.

Some of my favs.....

REALLY?!!?!? I'm drooling....I need these in my life.  Anyone want to help a girl out and get me some of these pieces feel free haha