Cupcake Catastrophe.

Catastrophe might be a strong word but its kind of too funny not to share.  So I am required to be an amazing cook regardless of the food type because I am Italian like 70% Italian.  No excuses for terrible cooking.  I would like to say that I am, but I must have missed that gene not that I'm like super terrible or anything but I get way distracted and need a recipe to make just about anything.  Okay I am being a little hard on myself but compared to the fam bam....I am pathetic.  Anyways so my last day of student teaching in my first placement is tomorrow, then I have another 7 weeks in another school, in another class.  SO I decided it being my last day I wanted to doing some baking.  Nothing crazy the kids are 6 so no pressure either phew!  I got your typical funfetti cake mix and frosting....because its the bomb!

I am putting in the ingredients, you know following the directions, doing good and then put them in the oven....this is usually when things really fall through.

But nope, still good and proceeding on.  Well they cool down and I start to put icing on them.  Now I watch all those cooking shows, D.C. Cupcakes, Cupcakes wars, all of it.  I'm thinkin' eh it can't be THAT hard right?  I mean they take a big old glob of icing and spread on lickety split no problems.....if you have common sense I am sure you know where this is going haha.

So I begin icing, ya know thinking I am a professional or something, and then I start realizing it doesn't really look so good....come to think of it they actually look like a two year old did them.  I'm thinking Oh the kids are really gonna love this one. 

All in all the kids will love them because there's about a pound of icing on every single one :)

Good night everyone, hope you have a fantastic Friday.