Crazy about lace.

Hope everyone's Thursdays are going well!  My Thursday has been stupendous, seriously I use that word because at my school the students have been dressing up to different themes each day. 

Monday: Green && White day
Tuesday: Neon Day
Wednesday: Twins Day
Thursday: Wear anything that begins with an S
Friday: Spirit Day

Today being Thursday it was S day.....guess what we got to wear!  Sweatpants, and sweatshirts.  Talk about casual but I was so excited to wear this!  Who gets to wear sweats to work really?! haha I loved it.  Tomorrow is spirit day and I already have my t-shirt picked out, plus the students have a talent show and early dismissal AND when schools over spring break is officially here for me soooo tomorrow will be looked forward to and pretty relaxed I have a feeling.  Nothing wrong with a relaxing last day before SB.

Anyways before I got totally off topic, I am heading to dinner tonight with an old friend.  I think we are going mexican tonight, but plans could always change. I think this outfit is perfect, its not too dressy but still so classy.  I am the biggest fan of lace.  Seriously I think lace on just about anything makes it so feminine and delicate looking.  Maybe I was supposed to be born in the 80's I don't know but it is back in and I am loving every minute of it.

My Bella baby, seriously there is no love like a dogs love.  She is my everything.

What more could you want in a sweatshirt <3

Attire: Sweatshirt: Pac Sun, Jeans: Levi