Covered in Leopard.

Woke up this morning and could barely swallow along with no voice what so ever.  Went to the doctor and let me just tell you I absolutely hate going to the doctors.  I have little to no respect for doctors.  I understand you work your booties off to get through school and lots of school but then they get into the field and its just money money money.  Seriously I have never gone to the doctors and not waited for an hour yet they say if your late for your appointment they can make you leave?  I don't know not a very big fan of the doctors and today just reiterated exactly why.  I have been feeling worse everyday like extreme headaches and my throat was practically closing in on me.  

Waited for an hour, even though it was 7 this morning and there was all of no one in the waiting room, to get told I have a bad cold.....REALLY!?!?  I could have told you that!  So needless to say I left in the same state I came there in.  No medicine and no answers.  I was just hoping it was something so it would explain this miserable, and vicious cold but of course not.  I literally got home and popped in a NyQuil and passed out for about 6 hours.  Woke up, ate lunch, took my doggie to potty and back in bed.  I literally watched HGTV all day.  HGTV is like my all time favorite relaxing station, plus I love seeing all the interior decorations giving me ideas for my first home.  Anyways, I knew I had been slacking the last few days with the posting cause of this cold so I sucked it up, threw on some mascara and clothing and took a few quick pics.  I have to say for as terrible as I feel you can't really tell which is a good thing.

Hopefully this will pass over soon and I will back to my normal self soon.

This is such a good transition outfit; I rock this dress in the summer all the time, I absolutely love the fit and fabric.  Pairing it with some tights and a jacket makes it warmer and easier for this winterish weather.  I say winterish because the other day it was 60 degrees and as you can see there is snow now.  So whatever the temperature this is an easy to go to outfit.

Attire: Dress: Michael Kors, Jacket: Forever21, Tights: American Apparel, Boots: Forever21