Bunny tails and painted eggs.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter!  I apologize for the lack of posting but I have been out of town with my man visiting his family.  I didn't take anything with me that allowed me to update you all on what I was up to but I really wanted to just enjoy the time with them and the last of my spring break.  So now that I am officially home you will have plenty of updates!  

My soon to be mother in law is quite the cutest lady.  Every year she gets all her kids and myself an Easter basket filled with goodies.  Her youngest is 22 and oldest is 26 and don't you know it we all love getting them every year.

On Saturday it was one of my brothers birthday, and not just any birthday it was his BIG 21.  He goes to Ohio State so I wasn't able to visit but hopefully soon so I can celebrate with him!  I did however make a little collage for him nothing special but just to let him know, more than words, how special he is to me.  I have two younger brothers and I definitely wouldn't be myself without him.

Happy Birthday Dan :)