Blissfully Red.

TGIF!!!! I had to start that way because I was seriously thinking it all day!  In fact it might have been one of the only things getting me through the day besides knowing I was getting to see my hubs finally!  He had his spring break this week so he was at home working to add to our honeymoon savings and now hes back for the weekend to work his other job with me and go back to school on Monday.  I on the other hand don't have my spring break for another week.  One week of teaching then spring break where I will be doing nothing of the fabulous kind.  Work is the only word I will know.  I keep reminding myself its so I can have a nice me its about the only motivation to work ha.  Especially because I am already so drained from teaching the last thing I want to do is go do more work but in the end it will all be worth it!!

Suns out guns out for today, well just for a second then back on with the sweater.  Although it was nice enough to wear a maxi definitely not nice enough for the summer time crop top, or at least without something to go over it.

Can't wait till its super nice out and this IS an appropriate outfit to wear!  Enjoy your weekends!

Attire: Top: Nasty Gal, Sweater: TJ Maxx, Maxi: Ebay, Earrings: Target