A neutral kind of Thursday.

As I am uploading my pictures I noticed I wore cream yesterday as well.....not that I care too much just funny.  The whole reasoning behind wearing creme was because I just bought these awesome new flats.  They are so chic and delicate looking.  I went through a phase where all I bought was flats and then a heels phase, I think I just ended my boot phase I bought about 8 pairs this fall/winter.  I am kind of out of control haha.  Anywho I am back to the flats again, most likely because teaching I'm on my feet constantly and that's where the heels just don't really cut it so they will just have to be saved for the afternoon when I am off or the weekends.  In my last post I was saying how I went shopping and got some super awesome pieces....well this is one of them.  Unfortunately in my pictures you can really tell how bad I need to get my hair done.  I am trying to go as long as possible without getting it done before the wedding so its not as damaged with getting it done twice.  No worries I will just suck it up and post.

Attire: Shirt: Mod Cloth, Sweater: Gap, Jeans: Pac Sun, Flats: Lauren Conrad, Earrings: Forever21

*** I am so in love with these flats, they didn't need broken into whatsoever!  They only had this color in stores but online they have 4 different colors....hmmmm :)
Happy Thursday Love Doves.