Wish List.

It is dreadfully cold and rainy out right now, so I apologize but I will not being taking pictures in the rain haha.  Plus I will have a frizzy mess on my hands if I were to do so besides being cold and wet...yuck.  However I still will be posting about fabulous clothes even if they aren't mine....yet.  I am so sick of the cold and SO ready for spring and summer that I am getting in the mood for some spring shopping and luckily all the stores feel the same way.  I love when stores get their new seasonal clothes.  Spring is the best especially because summer is right around the corner.  Anyways here are a few items I would love to meet my closet.

Just a few but I am dying to get some statement pieces in my closet.  I always go through phases; I will get awesome statement pieces that need almost nothing with it because it would take away from it to I NEED BASICS!  I am all over the place but I haven't gone shopping, like crazy good shopping, in forever!  Saving money is awful but must be done, so for now I will just be looking and dreaming of pieces like this and more.  Maybe I will treat myself to something :)  If I do you'll be the first to know!