White blazer & Army green.

Okay so in my last post I explained how I am going to break up the days so that I can share all the pictures and not make one post a novel.  So.....Saturday Austin had his interview bright and early in the morning.  We had driven to see where they were and around what to get an idea of where he might be working and we might be living.  Luckily enough Beaufort isn't that far away from the island so we could still live there!  When he came home we celebrated a bit and then went shopping!  He isn't a huge shopper but I think I have made grow on him.  Hilton Head has some pretty good outlets, no malls though, but who needs 'em when its that nice all year round!  Anyways we hit up a few stores and neither of us bought much but we each got something absolutely wonderful.  He got a new pair of nike air max shoes (size 14 not easy to find) which he had had his eyes on and I got a new Michael Kors dress for my bridal shower.  Now normally I don't spend a ridiculous amount of money on one item but I am practically obsessed with Michael Kors its the one brand I splurge on plus this was for a special occasion!  I was going to put up a picture but I think Ill wait till I wear it, sorry!

Attire: Shirt: ebay find, Blazer: Kohls, Pants: Pac Sun, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Earrings: NEW!!!

So I was saying in my post Pinning Interest Diary that I got these fabulous new earrings made with this gorgeous stone....I was saying how I found necklaces on Pinterest that looked exactly the same but earrings stole my heart and I knew I needed them at once!  Best part they were only 16 dollars when normally stuff like this is way over priced because of its unique-ness.  I found them at this boutique called Francesca's.  Click on the name to go to their website, but I will say they had way more in the store than they do on the site.....don't you just hate when that happens!!!
Aren't these just amazing!?!?