My Valentine.

So yesterday I spent the whole day in the car with my baby driving down to the gorgeous South Carolina.....11 hours later we arrived and passed out.  So here I am catching up and filling you all in on my lovely v-day.  I hope everyone had a great day, to me its not a holiday just a reminder to be happy for the loved ones in your life.  And I definitely was this year, spending our first valentines together as a newly engaged couple.  I did a look back at all the great and memorable times we have shared and I had a hard time picking only a few to make a little collage.  

From left to right: The vacation we got can really tell here just how much taller he is than me.  Top row us at Ohio State for the final four basketball game. Us looking super tan in Naples, Florida for our spring break last year, bottom row us at school being us....weirdos, the the last picture is a sneak preview of our engagement photos.

We haven't chosen which ones we want yet, out of 177 we have to choose 10, so its been a pretty big struggle but I absolutely promise when we decide and get the rights to the photos I will share all of them!!

At school we made valentines boxes and this was mine!  A little bright I know but the kids made the outside for me and then I just decorated it haha I love them so much I with I was there for their v-day party right now but I am more than thrilled to be here.
I hope everyone had a fabulous day and I will keep you posted on this trip!!!