Purple & Grey.

With the temperature being in the negatives today, I was not about to go outside but of course I wanted to still share my outfit so instead of modeling for you all I just took pictures of the pieces once I had changed into my nice warm winter clothes (aka: hoodie and fuzzy socks).  After being in South Carolina I feel more and more depressed waking up to this dreaded snow and frosty air.  I laugh because when I woke up to the sun no matter what time it was some how I felt well rested; here I wake up about the same time to an alarm clock and struggle to get out of bed probably because its so dark outside it still seems like night time!  Anyways if you are in the gorgeous warm weather right now I am jealous of you!!!

I am so completely in love with this look, its so simple but glitzy enough to be dressed up!  And of course the comfort is there.  

Attire: Shirt: Jennifer Lopez, Blazer: Lauren Conrad, Shoes: Old (from a boutique I found about 4 years ago), Earrings: Lucky Brand