Maxis and Infinity Scarfs.

Okay first off I am so not happy with the pictures, it was so windy and rainy I just couldn't go back out and keep trying.  After about 10 minutes my hands were numb and I could barely smile without looking uncomfortable.  Because it was so nasty and grey out the pictures were dull, I turned off the flash because it was totally whitening me out but I felt I needed a post because yesterday I slacked.  Sorry ha.  So just don't be too critical focus more on the outfit lol  I chose this look based on the comfort and simplicity of it.  I feel like all I ever say is "I chose this outfit for comfort" but its the honest truth who wants to be uncomfortable?  Not I.  Well tomorrow being Friday I am happy the weekend is here but unfortunately I work as well on the weekends and it makes me almost exhausted as teaching does.

Attire: Tank: American Apparel, Sweater: Gap, Maxi: Forever21, Flats: Old found at a Boutique, Earrings: Francesca's, Scarf: Urban Outfitters