Maxi and sunshine.

This morning was freezing but to my surprise it has warmed up and the sun is out!  I took full advantage and enjoyed every picture in the fresh air and sunshine.  I took my doggy for a walk and of course back to the reality of it all....homework.  But before I start I at least got to enjoy the great change in weather; the snow has melted and that puts a big smile on my face.  Speaking of nice weather, on Thursday afternoon the soon-to-be hubby and I will be traveling down to the beautiful South Carolina.  Its about a 12 hour drive to the part we go to but it is totally worth it in our opinion.  And if things go as planned that's where we will be living after graduation :)  I have ALWAYS wanted to live down south....totally sick of the Ohio weather especially the snow.  I do not enjoy cold, snowy weather at all.  I have never liked it even as a child. Seriously all I remember is being bundled up to the point that I was like Randy from "The Christmas Story".  If you don't get that reference you probably haven't seen the movie and if you haven't seen the movie its a classic and you must see it!  Anyways I was looking for something very relaxing and baggy for today so of course chose a maxi.  I LOVE maxis!!! I feel like I could wear a maxi dress or skirt everyday they are just so dang comfortable and fab of course.

Maxi: NY&Co., Chambray: Old Navy, Watch: Charming Charlie, Loafers: Nine West