Fan of Tan.

I am getting so excited to leave for South Carolina that's practically all I can think about right now.  Today was actually really neat.  There was a substitute so I took over the entire day, I taught everything and ran the entire class.  I was kind of nervous it was going to be chaotic but it actually went really well and the sub said she was super impressed with the class and how well I ran the day by myself :)  Today really helped me realize that I am prepared to have my own classroom next year and that I have nothing to worry about.  But anyways so we leave tomorrow and I desperately need to start packing!  I laid out a few things on my bed last night but I am sure I will completely change my mind when I actually start packing.  I am probably the worlds worst packer haha.  Legit I over pack every single time.  I mean over pack as in if I'm going for a week I could probably stay for a month.  And that's how I am every time I pack for anything even a weekend trip somewhere.  It's like I cant control myself, but in all reality I think its because I know that when I have all my clothes right in front of me I still have trouble deciding so when I pack i think "well what if I'm there and I don't want to wear this better pack extra options just in case".  Does anyone have any tips for packing that help them??

Top: Tobi, Cami: Target, Leggings: Hollister (so old but so comfortable), Shoes: Gabriel Brothers, Earrings: Target