Cardigans & Polo Shoes.

On our last day in the beautiful South Carolina we spent the day relaxing, running errands, and washing the car.  I wanted to go shopping so bad, and it being president's day there was so many sales!  But unfortunately saving for a honeymoon is at the top of the list.  In a few weeks I won't even remember all the things I wanted to buy so it is for the best.  It being a casual day that's exactly my mindset when picking out my outfit.

Attire: Cardigan: Forever21, Shirt: Kohls, Jeans: Pac Sun, Shoes: Polo

I also forgot to share that when we were on the island we went to this candle store.  I always see it and stop in but the candles are too neat to just buy for yourself, to me they seem like they would be a perfect gift though!  And that's exactly what I did!!  My teacher who I am student teaching under is the sweetest, most caring and helpful lady, she has given me the best experience so far and I can't believe our time together is almost up and then I will be heading to another school.  To thank her I bought her a candle that is turquoise, aqua and a purple blue color with shells on it.  When you light it all the colors show through and its absolutely gorgeous.  I took a few pictures of the candles in the shop that relate to my life....I wish I would have taken more but I always feel bad so here are the ones I did.

Woody for my little brother who has been obsessed with Woody for as long as I can remember, Ninja Turtle is between my fiance and I, and the Ohio State one because my other brother goes to school there and its about the only football team I watch on tv.

There are lights in the shop that you can hold up the candles to see what they will look like once lit, I did it with the Ninja Turtle one so you guys could get an idea of what it looks like.

There is a million in there and she makes them right there in the store!  Talk about a neat job!!  But I hope you enjoyed the last three posts about my little weekend get away!!!