Black & Grey Sunday.

Today I was not feeling well at all!  It is most likely because I worked at 14 hour shift yesterday and ate only breakfast, then woke up this morning and didn't eat till about 1.  I don't know what my problem was haha I love food but I when I am working I lose track of time and sometimes forget to eat.  I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but its true.  Well my body punished me for being an idiot ha I'll probably never forget
to eat again ugh not. worth. it.

Although I couldn't wear a tank today, I actually wasn't cold when I took my jacket off to show all you this amazing tunic.  Today was a pure work day, but not the kind where you get paid for it.  The college kind ugh luckily it makes me more and more excited to graduate and be able to just be a teacher and do what I love.

I hope everyone had an amazing and much more relaxing Sunday than I did.  

Attire: Jacket: Dana Buchman, Tunic: Nordstrom, Jeans: SO OLD (Hollister), Flats: Vera Wang, Earrings: Express